Floating, 2023


that doesn't
try to be
any ↓

What motivated us to start Mmiri was the ambition to try something new with every project and every image. This goal, though challenging, fuels our passion and growth.

The idea of a water pool floating in the air came from a discussion about our favorite childhood animated movie, "FernGully: The Last Rainforest." We brainstormed this idea on a warm, cozy evening in the kitchen.

Falling apart, 2023


We enjoy experimenting with flat geometric forms and combining them with three-dimensional objects, such as flowers. This creates a strong contrast to the usual expectations of photographic plasticity.

For us, each image is not just a finished piece of art, but more of a conceptual study—an experiment to develop a comprehensive aesthetic. We might revisit a piece at some point, rethinking it or evolving it into something new.

every time we hope to find
some new form or shape


... the circle turns around

Water lily, 2023
Abstract I, 2023
Leaf of a water lily, 2023
Yellow vase, 2023

We always start with a sketch. Whenever we find ourselves lost in all the small details we have to overlook, we take a step back and follow the plan. In the end, it’s often astonishing how closely the final result matches the initial idea.

It was fun to play with elements reminiscent of classic still-life paintings. Here, we have all the common components: a table, a vase, flowers... and some soap bubbles.


From the very outset, we sought inspiration from various elements such as the sun, water, air,
the sensations of heat and cold…

MMiri means rain, water in igbi

Floating flower, 2023

Burned by the sun, 2023

In the dark, 2023

Still life with bubbles, 2023

...The beginning is always an idea
or maybe just a feeling
or a doubt...
Autumn 2023, 2023

The last floral photograph from 2023... We believe you can sense the autumn in it. We are extremely pleased with how it turned out.

Currently, we are working on different series simultaneously, each holding a special place in our hearts. However, every time we return to photographing flowers, it fills us with a warm and nostalgic feeling. This is where everything began—the inception of our passion.