Reflecting I/II, 2023

This is one of our recent pieces from the "Abstract Series." It features two images. The first image captures the object itself and its reflection in the water, creating a calm, reflective mood. It symbolizes inner balance.

Reflecting II/II, 2023

The second piece in the series has a similar theme, but the calm, balanced vibe is missing. The object, reflected in the water, looks the same, but something profound has changed deep inside.

Dessolving, 2023

Our second abstract work. It begins a new series that deals with the relationship between a person and society. A beaten, worn object dissolves itself in a cold, gray ambiance. This is how we feel sometimes...

Abstract III, 2023

Abstract II, 2023

Abstract IV, 2023

Abstract I, 2023

This one is a little bit special too. It was our first photograph without flowers. So yes, after six months of hard work photographing flowers, we've finally made a picture of... Some paper.

Still life with bubbles, 2023